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Cryptonite App


Download the Cryptonite app

Just download Cryptonite app and start building your own Cryptoporfolio.

Cryptonite app is perfect for those who want to own Cryptocurrencies without getting into hassle of buying them. Our world class mobile app is available on AppStore and Google Play.


Scan your Cryptocard

Scan your cryptocard while you buy a something or shop online.

All you have to do is to show Cryptocard on your mobile app to your retailer or enter your Cryptocard number as you checkout online. Make sure that you have selected your preferred Cryptocurrency under your Preferences.


Get Cryptos straight in your wallet

Once we buy Cryptocurrencies from your loyalty points we transfer into your mobile wallet.

Cryptonite app allows you to select cryptocurrencies of your choice that you want to buy from your loyalty points. Cryptonite mobille app offers you wallet to store your Cryptocurrencies

Cryptonite is a cryptocurrency based loyalty platform, which allows small businesses to offer loyalty points in Cryptocurrencies to their customers. Customers can further hold/reinvest/sell Cryptocurrencies through Cryptonite app. Cryptonite app is available for customers & retailers on IOS /Android.


Earn Crypto loyalty points

Don't throw away your loyalty points for the things that you don't want. Cryptonite allows you to convert your loyalty points into Cryptocurrencies. Just download the app and select your favourite Cryptocurrency. Scan your Cryptocard at the participating Businesses or Retailers and get Cryptocurrency straight away into your wallet.

Cryptonite for Business

Reward your
customers in

Reward your customers with something that they need. Cryptcurrency rewards allows you to attract more customers and get your business up to speed with current trend.


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Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us if you have feedback, comments and queries. Cryptonite support team will make every effort to answer your queries as soon as possible.